Tentative event schedule for Pattaya for Quarter 4 of 2021, based on Covid-19 situation

Pattaya, Thailand-

  The following is the tentative event schedule as announced by the Pattaya City Mayor, Sonthaya Khunplume, for Quarter 4 of 2021.

  First, you can reference our sister website at The Pattaya News about the announcement here.

Keep in mind, this plan is all tentative/subject to change and requires permission from the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, to take place. However, the Pattaya Mayor feels confident that based on the vaccination program accelerating in the city (near 70 percent as of press time of registered Pattaya residents) and the improving situation nationwide that the city will get permission and restrictions relaxed to run the events with Covid-19 precautions.


  October 22/23-Music Festival. This is set to run four weekends in a row and likely will be similar to other music festivals the city has done during the pandemic with limited seating, no dancing, and many Covid-19 precautions.

  November 19th-Loy Krathong festival

  November 26/27th-Pattaya Fireworks Festival on the beaches.

  December 3rd for multiple weekends-Naklua “Eat and Walk” Food festival, also has live music.

  End of December-New Years Countdown Festival

  Pattaya Unplugged notes that the main audience for these events is DOMESTIC tourists and visitors, not international, which is still a big question mark due to restrictions on arrival, COE, quarantine, etc.


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