So there I am, out around Bali Hai watching the beautiful scenes and women jogging by when one takes the bait.  She’s a little bit bigger than the ones I am used to pulling from that area but every one is like a new adventure so, why not?  What could go wrong?

We start “the dance” as I like to call it and go back and forth for a little bit.  I start getting worried that she’s not really that hooked but we continued on for a little bit.  I’m one of those types that is easily excitable.  I’m ready to get her back to the condo but this particular one decided she wanted to stick around for a little while.

We continue dancing for a few more minutes, with my mind focused on how delicious this one would be… Yeah, call me nasty if you want, but I eat them.

Right as I get her where I want her, the line snaps and off swims my fish.  Sorry for disappointing you lads that were expecting something else.  100% True Story

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