With the Pattaya International Fireworks Show quickly approaching, no doubt people will have started thinking about where they will view the event from.  Some people congregate at Pattaya Beach, others find a quiet spot on Pratumnak Hill and others still are out climbing buildings trying to get that perfect place for the perfect photo opportunity.

Having been around for quite a few fireworks festivals through the years, here are 10 of the spots that offer some pretty epic views of the show:

Mera Mare will be serving up drinks and music from their bar and restaurant on the 8th-floor.  Entrance fee of 800 bt. per-person includes 1 drink.  Reservations can be made by calling 038111800.

The Hilton @ Central Festival Pattaya Beach offers several restaurant venues that overlook the bay and offer spectacular views of the show.  Any restaurants on fireworks night that offer great views will likely require a reservation so plan accordingly!

The Roof Bar and Diner @ Karaoke Bar Woodball on Pattaya’s Walking Street offer drinks and menu items as well as a spectacular location for viewing and getting great photographs of the show.

The Moon Deck @ The Hard Rock Cafe is a great location to see the fireworks from a relatively close vantage point to where the action is taking place.  A great time is sure to be had by all from 5 pm onwards.

You could head over to Sky Bar at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel and watch the fire crawl across the sky from one of the highest rooftops in Pattaya and definitely the rooftop with the only double-decker pool!

FoodWave at Pattaya’s Royal Garden is a great place for small groups of people to enjoy the light show.  Book your seats now if they aren’t full already and get ready for one of Pattaya’s most anticipated events.

Join others that are sure to be enjoying themselves at The Nashaa Club on Walking Street in their Seaside Lounge.  Make sure you get your seat as this one is sure to fill up quick!  Who doesn’t want a spot to kick back and relax that doesn’t involve getting sand everywhere?

Directly to the right of the Bali Hai lighthouse is a concrete jetty that the local fishermen use at night time to catch squid and a host of other delicious morsels of the sea.  The jetty is closed and off-limits during the daylight hours but in the evening it is opened up.  Not only does it make a perfect place for night fishing, but also for checking out the fireworks displays!

Everyone has seen this iconic view of Pattaya.  The Pattaya City Sign offers a spectacular long-distance view of the show below and best of all, like the concrete jetty, it is FREE!

If you are lucky enough to be staying at UNIXX, on the bay-side you probably won’t need to go anywhere.  If you have friends that stay at UNIXX, get buttered up to them.  It is a fantastic place to see the fireworks from depending upon where you happen to be viewing from.

For anyone not looking to attend a venue, the last two recommended spots are my go-to places for viewing anything that is happening in Pattaya from a Batman-style perspective.

Everyone else will no-doubt be gathered in the Pattaya Beach area in the sands of the newly-refurbished beach to drink their 7-11 beverages with friends and family by the thousands to enjoy the show.  Pattaya Beach has always been the main gathering place for the most part and will no doubt see throngs of people once again for this year’s festival.

So, where will you be?  Surely everyone loves fireworks!


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