The Pattaya News – How To Connect – 3,327,708 people have seen their content in last 28 days.

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The Pattaya News is only just over a year old but it’s one of the few remaining that posts daily news consistently and earlier than most.  They have already become famous in the Thai language news world with close to 300,000 followers.

3,327,708 people have been reached by The Pattaya News channels within the last 28 days.  (around 3m of those are Thais) – these stats don’t include the new English youtube channel.

This powerful reach has attracted a lot of extra content being sent to them, as well as having their own team of video editors, 2 “journalists”,  one full-time translator, one writer, one narrator female, as well as them sharing roles updating the website and facebook page.  They have also been building relationships with local authorities with regular meetings. Also, Adam Judd as one of the partners of the English side does the editing and voiceover for the English articles and videos.

Both websites have licenses, The Pattaya News is a registered tax-paying company and both owners Adam Judd and Bryan Flowers both have work permits and press passcards.  They are fully geared up to accept advertisers and cover events.

We asked Bryan Flowers what their objective with The Pattaya News was and he said:

“We are fully committed to covering all Pattaya news as fast as we can consistently and some national news.  We will be building our youtube video and facebook video channels because that is the future. We have a huge support team and we got lucky with a few members of staff.  Adam Judd is my partner and he’s fully committed to look for continuous growth and improvements”

Here is the last 28 days of insights for The Pattaya News Thai facebook page,  2,993,165 people reached in 28 days!

The Pattaya News English facebook page is also doing very well!

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Where to follow The Pattaya News?

The Pattaya News in English – 55,000 people reached in the last 28 days  –203,043 people reached in the last 28 days

The Pattaya News Videos in English

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The Pattaya News In Thai –34,000 people reached in the last 28 days – 2,993,165 people reached in 28 days

The Pattaya News Videos In Thai – 42,500 unique viewers

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