What’s With The Random Cruise Ship?

We had a couple of people ask us about the cruise ship they see out on the horizon so we did a little digging.  Turns out it is not your traditional style cruise ship.

What Cruise Company Is It?

The ship that you see is named The World and according to their website, though it looks like a cruise ship, they are actually luxury private residences at sea.  The World is “A private yacht and luxury vacation home all-in-one.

Though it looks ridiculously large, The World is only home to 165 residences.  The residents and guests spend their time exploring exotic destinations during the day and return when it is time to weigh anchor for the next spectacular place to visit.

As you can see from their journey map, residents aboard The World pretty much spend the entire year experiencing new and exciting destinations from the comfort of their living areas.  The World offers studio-sized rooms all the way to 3-bedroom suites complete with gourmet kitchens and state of the art appliances.

The World residents have 6 restaurants to choose from aboard or the option to have a meal prepared en-suite.  When in port the chefs do some exploring of their own in search of fresh local ingredients from the various countries that they anchor in.

Residents are able to plan a variety of activities to do at upcoming ports from golfing on some of the world’s finest courses to diving the most sought after dive spots or even just kayaking and sailing.  They even have a spa and often bring in local talent at ports to perform live shows and cultural performances.

Why Are They Here?

The World’s itinerary shows several stops in Thailand after Singapore to include Ko Kood, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Koh Samui.  The ship was likely on course to one of these destinations but according to The Pattaya News (article here), they have anchored off of Koh Lan to ride out strong winds and waves.

There is a chance that the residents will be coming ashore before they leave (if they haven’t already made landfall) and they will carry on their journey as soon as the conditions are favourable for travel.


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