The Following bars have responded to our post on Facebook and will for sure be open tomorrow, July 1st.  Opening times have been included for any that provided them in their response.  It seems, for the time being, Made in Thailand will be closed.  If we hear of any changes to the word, we will keep everyone informed.

Stop by any of these places and have a cold one.  The worst seems to be behind us at this point, thankfully.  Onward and upward for Pattaya and Thailand.  Be safe and healthy and remember that the more we follow the guidelines, the faster they go away!

Chik-n-Coop Bar2nd Road
Passion Gentlemen’s ClubJomtien BeachNoon-Midnight
Easy BarJomtien Soi 73PM-Midnight
FCUK Inn BarLK Metro
ShaggersLK Metro
The CaveLK Metro
One BarPattaya KlangNoon-Midnight
ClassroomSoi 13/4Noon-Midnight
Kawaii BarSoi 6Noon-Midnight
La La LandSoi 6Noon-Midnight
Play PenSoi 6Noon-Midnight
Pussy ClubSoi 6Noon-Midnight
SandmanSoi 6Noon-Midnight
Sexy In The CitySoi 6Noon-Midnight
Toy Box BarSoi 6Noon-Midnight
Wet SixSoi 6Noon-Midnight
Wrath BarSoi 6
Lust BarSoi 6
Liquid BarSoi 6
Poison BarSoi 6
A7-DJ BarSoi 7
Gossip BarSoi 7
Beach BarSoi 8
Up2Me BarSoi Bonkai5PM-Midnight
Club 4 Gentlemens ClubSoi Bonkot
Excite ClubSoi Buakhao
Krazy 80’s BarSoi Buakhao
Black Snake ClubSoi Buakhao
Honey CornerSoi Buakhao
Baku Gentlemen’s ClubSoi Buakhao
Candy ShopSoi BuakhaoNoon-Midnight
Blue BarSoi ChaiyapoonNoon-Midnight
Maggie May’sSoi ChaiyapoonNoon-Midnight
Triangle BarSoi Chaiyapoon7PM-Midnight
Defactos BarSoi Chaiyapoon1PM -Midnight
LePubSoi Diamond
Area 51Soi Diana
Cherry BarSoi Diana
Club 555Soi Diana
Naughty ClubSoi Diana
Honey LoungeSoi Honey
Runway BarSoi Honey
The Bunker BarSoi New Plaza
Jomtien Beach Pool HouseThappraya Rd.20% Discount 1st 2 Months
808 ClubWalking Street


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