1. Reader Submission
  1. Constant moaning about the good old days was better
  2. Attacks successful bar owners
  3. Do not make any changes
  4. Negative about Pattaya in general
  5. Blames everyone they can for changes in demographics and ages that visit
  6. Instead of making changes, they try to tell the customers what they want
  7. Marketing by price and attacks anyone more expensive
  8. They don’t have many or any “nice” girls
  9. All their efforts go towards bitching online and about Pattaya
  10. Miserable, jaded and bitter to be around
  11. Refuse to get managers
  12. Won’t update the music to please the girls
  13. They listen and act upon friends requests that are often just as jaded and broke
  14. They do not invest or grow their business
  15. They do not advertise/market their business, they just moan loudly every day
  16. Constant negativity
  17. Won’t learn from successful bar owners or try new things
  18. Self-centred and no big picture thinking
  19. Don’t collaborate, promote or help surrounding bar owners, just attacks them
  20. No consideration for other peoples income or livelihood

And they wonder why they are dead or not making any money, Pattaya is about giving people a good time, keeping the dream going, ladies, parties and having a laugh!

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