Twin Tiger Muay Thai Training


Twin Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp – The Place to Train Muay Thai in Pattaya.



Hours: 6 days a week, 8:00 to 8:00, closed Sundays.

Location – Twin Tiger Training Center in Pattaya

Twin Tiger Training Center in Pattaya ‘The’ gym to train at in Pattaya, is located in the heart of Pattaya, right next to Tony’s Fitness Complex on 3rd Road. There are a large number of hotels within walking distance of the gym with accommodations ranging from economy to luxury. Our training is second to none, check out our individual and camp training prices.

Phone ENG: 0930279438
Calling from outside Thailand: +66930279438

From their own words:

Twin Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp in Pattaya takes the old school approach to Muay Thai training in Pattaya. We train using the same techniques they have been using in the camps for hundreds of years, our trainers bring to the table the combined experience of almost 1000 professional fights. You get the benefit of all of this when you choose Muay Thai Training at Twin Tiger Muay Thai in Pattaya.

Muay Thai Training is not a fashion sport. We are not a big fancy gym; we have bags, pads, gloves, a 7 meter ring and kick ass trainers. In other words we have everything you need to train Muay Thai. If your goal is to get in the ring, just let us know we have relationships with all of the promoters in town and can get you a fight. If you looking for glitz we are not the Muay Thai training gym for you.

Our Philosophy is summarized in three simple words TRADITION, DISCIPLINE, VICTORY. Follow the TRADITION taught by our Muay Thai Trainers; be DISCIPLINED in your approach to training Muay Thai and VICTORY will be yours.

We offer Muay Thai training programs for all experience levels from novices to professional. Whether you want to fight, lose weight or just get in shape we can accommodate your training goals. Our training facilities are located in the heart of Pattaya close to everything.

Our training programs are tailored to the individual. Everyone is unique, we don’t offer a cookie cutter approach to Muay Thai training. All of our training is 1-on-1, no classes. We focus on the individual, their initial skill level and, most importantly, which training techniques they respond best to, not everyone learns the same way. Novice, intermediate or professional we have a Muay Thai training program for you. Our Muay Thai training packages range from single day to annual memberships.

We also offer complete packages, including accommodations. Whether you choose to train a single day at a time or purchase a longer term membership you will benefit from the vast experience our Muay Thai Trainers bring to the table. For more detailed pricing information check this:

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