Unplugged:  Hello Kevin can you introduce yourself to the community Pattaya Unplugged?

Kevin:  Hello, everyone, I’m Kevin McKeown I’ve stayed in Pattaya now three years and I’ve loved 99.9% of it.  Times are hard at the moment for everyone but we will all make it through this together.

Unplugged:  What does it take to stay in Pattaya as long as you have?

Kevin:  It takes being strong on the inside, being open-minded about people and their opinions and being able to relax and do things that make you feel good day-by-day. If you can do these things, life in Pattaya is great!

Unplugged:  Of all the places you could have chosen to move, why Pattaya?

Kevin:  I, like many others, came on holiday and fell in love with Thailand.  The girls aren’t half bad either.  Whenever I found myself back in Scotland, I would open my curtains and I’d wish that I was looking at Pattaya, not Glasgow.  I am a “get-up and go” kind of guy, so after I thought about it for long enough, I had to do it.

Unplugged:  Anyone that knows anything about you, knows that you are a fitness buff.  How are you handling the coronavirus shutting down everything, to include the gym?

Kevin:  At first I was gutted.  With the gyms all shut down I started looking at what other options were available to me.  Pattaya has plenty of beaches, hills and outside gyms with bench presses, bars, dumbells and pull-up bars, so there is still no excuse for me whatsoever to not keep at it.  I just keep pushing myself in other ways, I just have to deal more with the outside heat.

Unplugged:  What about home exercising and diet?

Kevin:  I do some exercises at home, especially cardio. Aside from that, I focus on pull-ups sit-ups, planks, squats etc…  I prefer outside exercise to be honest unless it’s a gym of course.

Diet is a big thing for me.  I eat every three hours, usually four to five meals a day but I balance out my meals and I avoid high sugar, oily foods and sugary drinks (unless I’m training and need to replace my electrolytes). I have found that eating at certain times of the day gives me the energy I need to feel good, train hard and recover faster. People often forget that food is medicine for the body.

Unplugged:  What is the plan if we go on full quarantine?

Kevin:  To be honest I’m not afraid of losing the outdoor gym. Sure, it makes it more difficult to stay motivated and for your body to look and feel good but there are always other ways to stay in shape.  There is never an excuse to just let yourself go.

Unplugged:  With the coronavirus having the world on lockdown, there seems to be a large movement of online “do it at home” style fitness videos popping up.  Do you think people are bored, or will this trend continue after the virus is gone?

Kevin:  I think it’s great to see so many people turning to fitness as a way to stay focused mentally during all of the virus madness.  Everyone starts somewhere, no matter what level, but to be honest I think many people are just bored.  I am hoping that they will see and feel the benefits of a well-balanced diet and fitness though, perhaps it will motivate them to keep going when this is all over.

Unplugged:  What advice do you have to offer to those that have lost their motivation due to the coronavirus?

Kevin:  My advice to everyone during this time is to exercise as much as you can to keep the immune systems strong and to eat healthier to have more energy and to feel better day by day it works believe me try and you will see.

Unplugged:  Has Pattaya being so quiet recently changed the way you feel about the city?

Kevin:  No. Sure, its quiet right now and extremely boring for many but, to be honest, it’s still one of the best places in the world to be at this moment.  If everyone sticks together and does what needs to be done, we will have our old Pattaya back in no time.

Unplugged:  Do you have any plans for when everything is back to normal?

Kevin:  I might wear my suit for the first time in 3-years to celebrate the occasion, hell, I may even break out my Kilt!

Time for some quick response questions.

Unplugged:  Soi 6 or Soi Chaiyapoon?


To be honest soi Chaiyapoon because this is my home. The soi has improved so so much recently and I believe it will go much much further.  It will be great to see….But I do love soi 6 as well!

Unplugged:  Vodka or Tequila?

Kevin:  Tequila for shots, vodka with mixers!

Unplugged:  Ladyboys from Soi Chaiyapoon or from Soi 6-1?

Kevin:  If I absolutely have to pick, Soi 6/1.  I LOVE LADIES THOUGH!  😂

Unplugged:  Do you prefer gogos or bars more?

Kevin:  I personally like bars better than gogos, to be honest, they have a better vibe to me 😁  That being said, some gogo girls are REALLY cute!

Unplugged:  When it comes to women, are you a chest man or an ass man?

Kevin:  That is a tough question.  Is it not possible to have peaches and watermelon in a little fruit salad?  

Unplugged:  Whey banana or Whey Chocolate?

Kevin:  Whey banana for me!


Have a question about something fitness or diet-related?  Kevin would be happy to offer his advice.  Add him on Facebook here and ask away!

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