Unplugged:  Please start by introducing yourself.

Seb:  Sure, my name is Seb and my wife owns Bar Club La Poste on Soi Lengkee here in Pattaya.

Unplugged:  Bar Club La Poste is one of the more recognizable names around town, how have you managed to build up that reputation?

Seb:  I truly believe that it is because we make our customers feel more than welcome.  From the moment they enter, they are made to feel at home by our overly friendly staff.  It is a place that makes people feel good so they become repeat customers.  It’s all about making our customers happy.

Unplugged:  How did you choose the brand name “La Poste”?

Seb: Every place has a post, a bar, a church…So we thought it would be funny to use this name, as the bar is in the middle of Pattaya.

Unplugged:  Everything is odd right now because of the virus, how are you handling the time?

Seb:  Thanks to the COVID-19 it is a very weird time.  Everything will be closed for some time in order to reduce the propagation of the virus.  I don’t even like to think about what would happen if any of my staff got sick due to us irresponsibly keeping the bar open.  I am still in contact with the staff daily via phone and messages, some are back in their villages and others are still here in Pattaya.  All of us just hope that everything will be back to normal soon.  We understand that the closure is for the safety of our customers though so it is more than acceptable.

Unplugged:  How are you spending your downtime?  Spending time with the family?

Seb:  Yes.  We stay at home and make sure our children are still keeping up on their studies and homework and we watch movies for the most part.  My son is not affected by the confinement at all.  He has locked himself in his room with his computer and only comes out to eat and to shower.  We have to call him a minimum of 3 times to get him to emerge.  For the rest of us, the confinement is a bit harder.

Unplugged:  How do you feel Pattaya’s economy will be affected by the current situation?

Seb:  It is obvious if you look around to see the impact of COVID-19.  Pattaya has essentially become a fishing village again.  It is impressive but it is also scary for people who have only ever seen it booming to see it like this.  I am not sure what the overall effects to the economy will be but I assume it will take some time for everything to recover.

Unplugged:   So you are staying hopeful and hoping to re-open as soon as possible?

Seb:  We are hopeful that we will all be able to return to normal as soon as possible and when it is safe and the virus is gone.  Our thoughts go out to the other traders in the city and we hope more than anything that they all are able to weather this pandemic without too much damage to their businesses and trades.  We would love to see Pattaya return to the same as it was before this all began.

Unplugged: Now it’s time for some quick-answer questions.  Are you ready?

Unplugged:  Paris or Marseille?

Seb:  Marseille !!! are you crazy?

Unplugged:  Phuket or Pattaya?

Seb:  Pattaya!!!

Unplugged:  Vodka or Whisky?

Seb:  Whisky

Unplugged:  Soi 6 or Walking Street?

Seb: Neither, Soi Lengkee !!!

Unplugged:  Merguez or Chipo?

Seb:  Merguez !!! I love spicy.

A huge thanks go out to Seb and the folks over at Bar Club La Poste.  Wishing you all the best during these uncertain times and hoping to see you open again soon!  For more information about La Poste, check out their Facebook page HERE!

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