The Thai government has started talks throughout the departments about the future of foreigners who decided to stay in Thailand and take advantage of the visa amnesty period which ends on July 31st. What exactly will happen beyond that? Nobody really knows until official word is released unfortunately.

With the situation being a very fluid one, nobody really knows how things could change from today to tomorrow, let alone how things will be when July 31st rolls around. Even when flights to and from Thailand resume, there will no doubt be mandatory health regulations in place (medical documentation, proof of insurance, proof of self-isolation). The rules vary country to country but it is assumed that Thailand will have similar guidelines in place.

Thai land border runs are questionable as well. Tourists who are still in the country, that entered via one of the land borders are supposed to exit Thailand within seven days of the border reopening, per a clause in the amnesty regulations. It is unknown whether or not it will even be possible, as every country has restrictions imposed that would need to be lifted. These regulations restricting travel may very well be in place far beyond July 31.

There is no doubt that the Thai government will have some decisions to make regarding how to proceed with the tourists still in the Kingdom. At the beginning of the pandemic, Thai immigration lines and airline ticketing businesses throughout Thailand were packed with tourists and expats alike, trying to handle their affairs. The amnesty was instituted to avoid these large and potentially viral gatherings. While it is unlikely that Thai officials will put out a blanket extension for the rest of the year, they will have to do something.

How do you suppose they will do it? Will it be a blanket extension? Will it be handled country by country or on a case by case basis? There are many unanswered questions at the moment. The best thing for anyone wanting to stay in the loop on the most updated information is to follow The Pattaya News on Facebook and/or jump into The Pattaya News and Discussion Board to stay abreast of the conversation with the rest of the Pattaya community.

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