Not many people ever dream of visiting hell but everyone is a little curious as to what might take place should we end up there.  Sure, we all know that there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” but nobody ever really has a visualization to go by, until now.

Wang Saen Suk (also called Wat Saen Suk) is a Buddhist temple not far from Pattaya that you are sure to remember should you ever visit.  All of the sculptures are very graphic in detail and are there to serve as a reminder to live your life the right way to avoid the atrocities of hell.

If you have ever burned yourself while frying bacon, you know how being dipped in a vat of boiling oil would feel.  It is easy to imagine the pain of your skin getting nice and crispy, but when you have a visualization of it, it is a next-level reminder.

Depending on what sins you commit in your life, it is believed that you will be transformed into different beings or demons.  Some of these have animal heads, others are just contorted and misconfigured human beings.  There are helpful little placards placed throughout Wang Saen Suk that state what sin the person had to commit in order to be punished in the way that you are seeing.

There are quite a few sins and punishments depicted throughout the temple; More than enough to keep you feeling both guilty and a little terrified about what will happen to you when you leave this earth.  You will definitely walk back out feeling like you want to be a better person in general.

While the images may be graphic for some people, and others may find them offensive, it is not unusual to see groups and families with young children in tow coming to visit the temple.  What better way to teach your children to act right than showing them all the stuff that happens to bad people?

The stares of the figures doing the torturing are rather haunting.  Their faces show no signs of remorse and sometimes even border on pleasure in what they are doing.

No matter what country you come from, it doesn’t even take words really to understand what is going on in most of the scenes that Wang Saen Suk depicts.  Not every scene is of death and suffering however, those that do right by the way of Buddhism will be given a tree of the future world, with everything that you could possibly want on offer.

I don’t know about you, but a tree that gives me anything I could ever wish for sounds pretty good to me.  It sounds like a far superior plan to being turned into a demon or being turned into a human bacon strip for sure!

How will you plead your case when you are sitting in front of the King of the underworld?

Anyone interested in visiting Wang Saen Suk for themselves, the temple is located in Bang Saen City, about a 51-minute drive from the Pattaya area and is easily reached via taxi or minibus.  Admittance to the venue is FREE.




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