How do you determine what pizza place to go to?  Are you a thin crust kind of person, or thick?  For me it definitely has to be the latter.  I’m not a fan of communion wafer thin pizzas and need a little sustenance that is going to fill me up but will still leave me with a little left-over for tomorrow. Nothing beats cold pepperoni pizza for breakfast in my opinion.

The issue with tourist cities like Pattaya is that, generally, most restaurants have figured out that pizza can be VERY cheap to make, so they almost all have a pizza oven for some reason. Note:  Having a pizza oven does not make you a pizza chef, nor does it make your restaurant a pizza place.

Here are some of the legit pizza places you should try the next time you get hungry for a slice:

Urban Pizza
  1. Urban Pizza:  This pizza joint skyrocketed in popularity through the coronavirus situation.  They offer some of the best pizza deals at the moment on Food Panda.  Urban also seems to use higher quality ingredients than many of it’s counterparts.

    New York Pizza House
  2. New York Pizza House:  Everyone that has been in Pattaya for any length of time has likely tried New York Pizza House.  They are a long-time fan favorite and are well deserving of the praise they receive.  They 100% deliver Pattaya’s hottest pizza, let it sit for 10-15 minutes after it arrives.  I have literally blistered my mouth being in a hurry to eat it before.

    Dom Pizza
  3. Dom Pizza:  While Dom pizza isn’t really as thick as the above options, they still deliver a flavorful pizza with quality ingredients.  I tried them for the first time last week (because the missus wanted Thai food) and was not disappointed.  Dom has something on the menu for every taste it seems.

    Portofino Pizza and Pasta
  4. Portofino Pizza and Pasta: These folks could make the list with their pizza dough alone.  There is just something about it that stands out over many of the other pizza joints.  If you are a fan of sweets, they also have brownies that will take care of any sweet cravings that you may have.

    Pizza & Co
  5. Pizza & Co.: A fantastic little find on Pratumnak soi 5.  If it is Italian that you are after, they offer a wide range of pastas and deliciously fresh meat platters as well as some of the most well-topped pizza around. Pizza & Co. do not skimp you on the toppings and you will definitely walk away with a little something to re-heat later.

    Bronx Pizza
  6. Bronx Pizza:  More and more Bronx pizza locations seem to be popping up around the Soi Buakhao and soi Diana area.  Upon my last drive-by it seems as though they now have the Soi Lengkee location, a small booth outside of Subway on soi Diana, down at the end of soi Diana near 2nd road and I believe one more around the other entrance to LK Metro.  Of the pizza places, Bronx seems to have had the roughest go of things.  They have had to move around several times over the years and I am really glad that they are still around and seem to be flourishing. John may not do delivery but the man knows his pies.

Aside from the above, you always have your Pizza Hut, Dominos and Pizza Company if you are starving but they don’t make my “best of the best” list.  Are there any other places that you would add?  Where is YOUR favorite pizza?

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