Written By Bryan Flowers CEO of The Night Wish Group

Yesterday I posted that we are now advertising Soi 6 on 50 baht buses, they will all be out within 5 days after making this post.

A few people have asked me questions about our baht bus advertising, I thought I would address them in one go.

“Why aren’t there any sexy pictures on the adverts?”

Because I felt that everyone knows what we have on offer and if they don’t they will be asking people which either generates a conversation or it encourages people to go and look.

I also wanted the adverts to look classy and not irritate the elder locals rather than encourage complaints to the transport department. I feel that the Thais have always liked discretion and not to rub it in. It will also attract less negative attention. A few senior Thais have noted to me that they look very classy compared to showing skin.

“Why isn’t there a map or prices”

I felt that if we promote a whole soi, we do not need a map and I am pretty sure most people can find it.  Also, prices/offers can go out of date, they look messy and take attention off our main focus. Less is more especially when the adverts are moving and everyone is pretty much at different angles and distances.

 “Why didn’t you put your facebook page / social media on there”

We have many social media pages per bar,  the focus is to promote soi 6 with clean and tidy adverts.

“Why didn’t you put your bar names and logos on there”

The idea is we promote Soi 6 which not only helps everyone, I am pretty sure people will end up in our bars before or after other peoples anyway, if we make the whole soi busier, we all benefit.  I have always had this view on helping other business owners. If the neighbours are busy, it helps everyone, some people in Pattaya do not have big-picture thinking, so they tend to get angry with busy neighbours. The key to success here is rising everyone around you, especially if its location-specific, people love to hang around at hotspots.

“Why did you write “We love soi 6” instead of located on Soi 6”

We love Pattaya and We love soi 6,  so I felt why not write that instead of pointing out the obvious or commanding people to go to soi 6.  That comment alone should get a few people discussing our advert…   “how can someone love soi 6?” “I totally agree with that”  any critics of our soi will help our awareness with the people around them.

As a business, we want to advertise our brand, our service, products and location.  With all the websites, forums, youtube videos, social media platforms that we have,  we feel that we have made ourselves known online a fair bit, which helps us, customers and our girls. But there are still many that do not hang out on social media or forums.

“If you don’t know Night Wish Group you have been living under a rock”

Someone wrote that statement online recently, it’s a good complement for our ability to promote our company, but the fact he’s online, most of his friends probably are, so the chances are that all his friends know our group. (so I would expect him to think and believe that) However, there are many people that do not know Night Wish group,  if you are reading this because you’re an online sort of person, then you likely do know us. I have met a fair few guys that do not know our bars and barely know soi 6. One guy thought it was just a day time place, one guy thought it was just ladyboys,  some guys think the bars still have problems because of the 1-week raids the soi gets every year.  And the guys that have arrived today, I have no idea of finding them to ask, but there are lots that are clueless, I have been to seminars here where no one knew soi 6,  I have met tourists that only knew walking street.

“Do you really need to advertise soi 6” (because everyone knows it already)

When I came to Pattaya the first time, I didn’t know about walking street until the 7th day, not everyone plans ahead, there are tons of people walking into our bars and soi 6 for the first time,  how do you think they found us? The answer is in various ways but not always online. Many customers tell the managers they found them/soi 6 on social media but that’s a biased view of looking at it because they will get approached because they are known on the social media that the customer followed, whereas someone that has found our bars through a different advert won’t know who to approach to tell them or won’t feel the need to.

Also if people see/hear soi 6 many times, they will get more curious and go and investigate.

I know YouTubers, FB group owners, bar owners, restaurant owners,  they are all surrounded by people that know them, and some feel that everyone knows them, yet if they step outside their circle of friends, which is a rare occurrence and not easy to do, they will be surprised how few people know their channel, group, restaurant, bar….  I recognise we can be blinded by our circle and we need to think past that.

Baht buses are seen by all youtube subscribers, bar customers, restaurant customers, forum members,  radio listeners, TV watchers, it’s one of the few mediums that connects everyone.

Pattaya TV, Radio, News, Forums, Facebook are all great tools for reaching people,  some far better than others, but there are very few advertising platforms that cover everyone coming to Pattaya… even the screens around Pattaya don’t cover everyone because some people do not drive in certain places so they never see the screens.

The average person sees around 5000 adverts everyday. The general rule of marketing is people need to see an advert 7 times to take notice and the same message 3 times.  That’s why each advert repeats the same message and we have 50 buses carrying the same adverts.  Everyone in town should see the advert 7 times a day on their travels.

One of the reasons me and Adam Judd started The Pattaya News was to get a huge reach around followers of our Pattaya city, but there are still tons of people that do not watch the news.

Baht buses are the ultimate advert for every single person that isn’t blind because they are going everywhere all day 16 hours per day, seven days per week and the people viewing them are here already.  Of course, you cannot give as much information as an online clickable advert would, but you have a broad range of people that are in town right now and are from all walks of life.

In short, there are lots of people in town that are new to the scene for whatever reason, from various countries and baht buses can be seen by everyone.

I wrote this article to explain to people that have an interest in our company because I have always shared knowledge, in fact, this article could drive up the price of our advertising if a few guys took it seriously.  But there is enough room for us all.

We already have 400-500 motorbike taxi drivers carrying our logo, this helps us a lot especially with having 50 songtaew drivers. The power of branding, communication, helping the community has many benefits that I won’t go into, but I always see business owners looking for direct sales from there adverts, they are waiting to see social proof from that one customer who will tell them,  they aren’t seeing all the word of mouth customers produced by advertising, they don’t see the value the branding has upon staff recruitment and retention. 

(If you do decide to advertise with the baht bus advertising company because of my write up, please let Mark know and he might give me some extra free adverts for The Pattaya News.)

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