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I have been sent screenshots of people discussing the possible future of our company, we have even had polls from one (obsessed) person asking people if we will survive.  So for some fun, I want to answer the questions here.

Will Night Wish Group Survive the covid situation?

We get spoken about a lot because we are well known in Pattaya, but the reality is that the smaller players in the industry will struggle much more,  but it won’t make an interesting poll if someone said is Egberts from soi 13/3 going to survive?  (I’m making that up, hopefully no bar that name) The people that may struggle are the places that lived on break-even point before the crisis,  for example some massage shops, however because they are low budget and appeal to everyone, they may get by. I think many restaurants will struggle,  to ask about NWG surviving shows to me a lack of understanding of how a group this size makes it easier for us to survive this. (but people are talking about us because we are well known)

Here are some key points going for us

  • we advertise heavily and most of our adverts are still running
  • we are in the middle of the market – so we tend to do well for all budgets
  • the girls make good money without salaries, we could not pay them for the first few months
  • we have many bars which reduce risks as there is always a few bars that do extremely well
  • I will personally sell everything I have to if we ran out of money months later on
  • we reacted quickly by not paying whatever we could, (advertising, rents etc) sadly we had to recently stop paying salaries
  • we have social media in various languages and customers from all countries (unlike some bars or restaurants,) we have Asian managers also.
  • we have many resources to promote ourselves and we are well known
  • soi 6 has a few purposes and is used by expats and tourists.
  • we have a strong team, processes, great work ethics
  • we look out for each other and want others in our company to do well
  • We have a strong loyal following
  • we have a smart adaptive team, we react well and push each other
  • we can stagger our openings
  • we can move people around bars if we have social distancing in place
  • we left our recruitment adverts running for a month after we closed
  • we have many more girls wanting to come and work

    What about the 20% investors?

    At one stage we advertised to get loans, (so we could buy bars faster than one a month) we had two guys come forward but I didn’t feel comfortable about their expectations of influence in the company,  so we didn’t get any, I have stated this in several articles and on the website.  We also removed all advertising of it.  But we still get guys saying that we use investors to buy more bars,  we use profits because we work our asses off.

    What about managers/staff leaving?

    Someone noted that a few managers left and girls have jobs elsewhere,  they will be back, I am happy for them and its good for us to get other managers working first before they come back.  People choose to work for us and some are stuck in another country,  they will be back once they can.

    What about no international flights?

    This is the scary bit for me,  but I believe we have a stronger position than most because of the size of our team and all the investment we have done to advertise our company.

    What’s my biggest worry?

    My biggest concern is that we open before international flights start and we bleed money,  then get closed for a second or third wave.  This will wipe most people out, however the reason why we are successful is we always find a way to keep the show going. I am secretly hoping we are not allowed to open until the date that international flights come,  but if we are allowed to open before then, we will open and do our best.  I think we will get Asian customers before western.   (which is good news for us but not for most restaurants that may need to wait for more Westerners to arrive)

    One ridiculous comment that made me laugh is someone said that we forgot the expats and we will regret it.  We have many expats that come in our bars, we advertise locally also. It doesn’t matter if you live here or not for us or what country people are from.  But as most business owners know, we need tourists also to make it work.

    Thanks for reading my post, saves me answering people in various groups that I am not members of. Today I wrote my thoughts on facebook on when we are opening.

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