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Kaitod Laek – The Best Little Chicken Shack

Anyone who primarily gets their fried chicken from KFC or Texas Chicken should definitely give Kaitod Laek on Grab a go or stop in and see them if you are out having a few...

Surprise BBQ Was a Welcomed Surprise

Was pleasantly surprised when my Grab order arrived today.  The meal that they carried was one of the best I've had this year for sure.  Decided to try something new so I went for...

Love Mediterranean cuisine? Vegetarian? Visit Casa Pascal this Sunday evening

What about a culinary tour of the Mediterranean? Only for this Sunday, July 12th, Casa Pascal will prepare a UNIQUE DINNER especially suitable for vegetarians! From Greek Dolmades to Lebanese Tabbouleh, going all the way to Moroccan Couscous, without forgetting the world-famous Italian...

Who Has Pattaya’s Perfect Pizza?

How do you determine what pizza place to go to?  Are you a thin crust kind of person, or thick?  For me it definitely has to be the latter.  I'm not a fan of...