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Love Mediterranean cuisine? Vegetarian? Visit Casa Pascal this Sunday evening

What about a culinary tour of the Mediterranean? Only for this Sunday, July 12th, Casa Pascal will prepare a UNIQUE DINNER especially suitable for vegetarians! From Greek Dolmades to Lebanese Tabbouleh, going all the way to Moroccan Couscous, without forgetting the world-famous Italian...

Pattaya Vegetarian Festival vendors say festival not as busy as prior years,tourist turnout low

Vegetarian food is not popular this year according to many local vendors who spoke to The Pattaya News and Pattaya Unplugged this week. Today, October 7th, 2019 is the last day of the vegetarian festival....

Pattaya Vegetarian festival arrives at the end of this month

Pattaya- The yearly vegetarian festival arrives in our area starting September 29th and lasts until October 8th, 2019 this year. It is based at the Sawang Boriboon Foundation and the surrounding area located in Naklua at...

A Guide to Tom Yam Goong and why it is so healthy!

Have you tried delicious Tom Yam Goong before? Did you know its also very healthy?