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Chiang Mai Elephants Gifted Freedom Amid COVID Pandemic

Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai has decided to change the direction of their business model thanks to a reduction of tourists because of COVID-19. Tourists often shun places that offer elephant riding but that...

Pattaya’s Wet and Wild Water Parks

One of the major reasons people come to Thailand is that it is always warm. Folks migrate from colder weather climates to Thailand to escape the winter in their home countries. Over...

Shopee and Cartoon Network Amazon Market Festival held in Pattaya

Shopee and Cartoon Network Amazon Market Festival Pattaya-Shopee and Cartoon Network Amazon Market Festival was held in Pattaya. The event was held at the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park in Na Jomtien on Saturday. Joining...

Chinese Moon Festival to be held September 13th in Pattaya

Pattaya – The Chinese moon festival will be held on September 13 at Bann Sukhawadee on Sukhimwit Road and is aimed for primarily Chinese tourists during their important festival. The director of the Tourism Authority of...