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Chiang Mai Elephants Gifted Freedom Amid COVID Pandemic

Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai has decided to change the direction of their business model thanks to a reduction of tourists because of COVID-19. Tourists often shun places that offer elephant riding but that...

15 Weird and Wonderful Places in Thailand Vol. 2

Welcome back to another weird and wonderful places in Thailand.  Our first article covered another 15 weird and wonderful places in Thailand.  If you missed it, you can read it HERE. Pu Chi Fa Forest Park...

15 Weird & Wonderful Places in Thailand Vol.1

Perhaps the best thing about living in Thailand is the vast amount of unique sights and attractions that you can visit.  From popular ghost shrines to mummified monks, these are 15 of Thailands weird...

Thailand – Land of Smiles, Bizarre Fruits and Chocolate?

Thailand Agriculture and Weather When you think about the farm-fresh products that come from Thailand, generally you think about the hundreds of different types of fruit that you can find in the Land of Smiles...