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Thailand’s Stinkiest Fruit Could Charge Your Phone One Day!

Everyone who has been to Thailand knows exactly what Durian is. Not only does Thailand's king of fruits have a very distinct spiky body that looks like something straight out of an old torture...

Are Website based Forums Making A Comeback?

What Social Media Platform Do You Use? With all of the options out there for social media, which one do you use? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard? All of the above? The options seem...

What to do if you have a bill issue or problem in Pattaya, Thailand

What to do if you get into a confrontation, stopped by police or a dispute in Thailand Part One: Handling a Bill issue in Pattaya, Thailand By: Adam Judd Hi folks, I have previously written about how not...

Surviving Pattaya as a Non-Drinker…Advice for those who don’t drink booze

Surviving Pattaya as a Non Drinker Written by Adam Judd, Based on an interview with two close friends Disclaimer: I am writing this based on an interview with two close friends who do not have much...