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Newbies, Tourists, First Time Visitors!

Are you a newbie to Pattaya? Are you a tourist coming for the first time? Are you a first-time visitor to Thailand? Start HERE to learn about the city, nightlife, attractions, venues, tips and more.

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Pattaya F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions about Pattaya, Thailand

Written By Bryan Flowers According to Google, people ask these questions about Pattaya very often. I thought I would answer them to help newbies coming to Pattaya What is Pattaya known for? Pattaya is well known for...

GIANT Panorama of Pattaya City and the Bay

Have a surf around, zoom in.  The Panorama is composed of 17 photos stitched together from the point of the fishing pier prior to the coronavirus pandemic (Notice the Parasailers)      

Tiffany’s Show – Two Celebrations, One Exciting Night

The Tiffany's Show 15th Anniversary is coming up and what better way to celebrate than by crowning a new Miss International Queen 2020! The coronation night will be held at the same time as...

What To Expect On Your First Trip To Pattaya

If a trip to Pattaya is in your future and you aren't quite sure what to expect, no worries.  Popping your proverbial "Pattaya cherry" doesn't have to be something completely new and unexpected (although...