Gentlemen Clubs

This category lists the top Gentlemen clubs located in the Pattaya area, perfect for a more discreet visitor.

Adore-American style “no touching” gogo coming to Pattaya?

Social media has been the rage for the past two days about "Adore" which popped up the day after April Fools, yesterday, April 2nd, 2022. Adore, which those involved swear is real and not a...

Vblog: Five new bars waiting to open in the Soi Buakhao area

The following is a video blog from our friend and contributor Nick Dean with NDTVi. This week, he looks at five new bars that have been designed (or remodeled) during the current six-month closure of...

Want your own Gentlemen club? Here is your chance…two great ones for sale!

Want your own Gentlemen's Club? Well, here is your chance... The following is from Bryan Flowers, one of the owners of the Night Wish Group: We have 25 bars in Pattaya and 2 of them Club...

Club Sin

Club Sin is part of the Night Wish Group and is one of their two gentlemen clubs located near Full Love Inn off of Soi Bongkot. It is a private inside bar featuring a discreet...

J Club Pattaya

J Club is located off of Soi Bongkot next to the Full Love Inn and is part of the Night Wish Group and one of their two gentlemen's clubs. J Club is open from 1PM...