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The Nightwish Bars and Media Group located in Pattaya, Thailand.

Current NWG girls.

Today we have 18 girls at Sexy in the City 16 girls at Kawaii bar 15 girls at Toy box 11 at Avarice 21 ladies at Wrath 19 ladies at Exotica NWG currently have 9 bars open on soi 6 and...

NWG Current Hostesses

The town is quiet, sales are dwindling daily as more bars continue to open, but we shall press on! Thanks for all the support so far. Right now, we currently have the following bars open Soi...

Why does NWG have security?

Written By Bryan Flowers -  Night Wish Group / The Pattaya News / Pattaya Addicts Yesterday someone asked me why Night Wish Group has so many security guards and why we need them.  It was...

Behind the scenes of a charity food kitchen in Pattaya during the Covid-19 crisis

By: Adam Judd It's just before eight AM in the morning and already a group of tired, but determined, men and women arrive at a bar on Soi Six, but not to drink, party or...