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Crazy and insane, Pattaya Thailand often has things that just defy other classification….enter the madness here.

Why Are There So Many Criminals/Fugitives In Pattaya?

Every country in the world has its fair share of criminals. That being said, every country in the world also has criminals that have decided to settle in Pattaya, but why here? ...

Dual Pricing – Blatant Racism? Or Good Tourism Economics?

Out of all of the things that drive Expats in Thailand crazy, dual pricing probably takes the cake. This is where a vendor or attraction charges one price for Thais and a higher price...

Top ten ways to get arrested, deported or worse in Pattaya, Thailand

Top Ten Ways to get arrested, deported or worse in Pattaya, Thailand By: Adam Judd Today, as a follow-up of my earlier blogs on how to avoid getting in trouble in Pattaya and Thailand in general,...

Halloween Special – The Legend of Phi Krasue

The next ghost in our Thailand ghost series is the notoriously feared Phi (Ghost) Krasue. The stories and lore that surround this particular ghost are not confined to Thailand however. Though she...