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Interview – Mark Lloyd, Owner of the Odyssey Theatre Company

Pattaya Unplugged had the great opportunity to sit down with Mark Lloyd, Head of Drama at the Mooltripakdee international school and owner of the Odyssey Theatre Co. for a brief Q&A session about the...

Central Festival holds PRIDE LGBTIQ festival this weekend in Pattaya

Pattaya- This weekend, February 14 to the 16 at Central Festival Pattaya Beach thousands of members of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Intersex and Queer) community will gather in Pattaya to show PRIDE. Pattaya has...

Simple Ways To Spot An American In The Pattaya Crowd

Disclaimer:  The following article was written by an American citizen about American citizens, this article does not necessarily express the views of Pattaya Unplugged. Americans Are Everywhere It doesn't matter where you choose to go for...

Life in Thailand is Like Growing Up in the ’80s, Only Better!

Reader Submitted Article: Growing up in the '80s in America, my brothers and I had common courtesies beaten into us by the parentals. Things like holding doors for people (not just women, but anyone...