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Articles and information on how to make money in Pattaya, Thailand and how to succeed in business and life locally.

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show 2019

The Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show returns from the 21st until the 24th of November at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. The boat show is the perfect time to visit if you are interested in...

Calculating Thailand 2019: A Strict Economic Intelligence Report Concerning the Thai Baht Exchange Rate

The following is a user submission from Cam Pattaya, the owner of VIP Nightclub on Soi 13/2. It is a very detailed and in-depth view of the Thai baht and the overall exchange rate. Here is...

Having Fun Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Spending Money

Reader Submission. Submit your own a [email protected] Walking around Pattaya you constantly find yourself surrounded by advertisements for activities here. These activities range in prices from “couch cushion” to “let me get my phone and...

Ten Tips Of Finding Work In Pattaya

Top Ten Tips Of Finding Work In Pattaya  Visit Pattaya and get to know business owners, even if they have a different business to what you would like to work in, or even if...