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10 Tips on Retiring Well in Pattaya (Even if You’ve Lost Everything)

Written By James BarkerAlmost one-third of all men will be single when they retire. I’m one of them, and at sixty-three I’m living my best life, really beyond anything I could have imagined, in...
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Pattaya F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions about Pattaya, Thailand

Written By Bryan Flowers According to Google, people ask these questions about Pattaya very often. I thought I would answer them to help newbies coming to Pattaya What is Pattaya known for? Pattaya is well known for...

Tips to avoid becoming a miserable Pattaya expat

Reader Submission 1. Join "Farang Can Understand Thai Culture" facebook group and read some posts https://www.facebook.com/groups/thai.and.western.culture/ 2. Join "Farang Can Learn Thai Language" and get on the path to learn Thai https://www.facebook.com/groups/faranglearnthai/ 3. Read "The Way Thais Lead" ...

10 Tips to become a miserable expat

Reader Submission Avoid learning any Thai language whatsoever, remember its only Thais and Asians that can speak Thai, its not possible for Westerners. Keep your limited beliefs intact to ensure you do not grasp...