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Advice on first moving to Thailand

Written By Bryan Flowers I have lived in Thailand close to 12 years, therefore I get people asking me for advice about moving to Pattaya or Thailand.  Around 3 years ago I posted an article...
Save Pattaya

Two things I love about Thais compared to Westerners

Written By Bryan Flowers Before anyone says that title is racist, I believe humans are equally good and bad across all nationalities. We are all screwed, just in different ways. I think 90% of us...

Pattaya businesses will sink if Foreigners don’t return – No Sh** Sherlock!

Quite possibly one of the most obvious statements of 2020 here in Pattaya because even Stevie Wonder saw this coming. The owners of businesses here in Pattaya are starting to become very concerned as...

Thai borders not to open for tourism until 2021?

Thai borders to open for tourists in 2021??   For those of us who were hopeful of a return to Thailand sometime later this year, the latest news from the Tourism Authority of Thailand is very...