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Testing Times, is the whole world going down the Pan? Well on that note……..

It seems the whole world is going down the toilet with this Virus Malarkey, so i thought it might be an ideal time for a quick flash in the pan! And of course, something...

Tree Town “raid” – my opinion

Written By Bryan Flowers  -  The Pattaya News / Night Wish Group I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I never felt COVID was enough to shut almost the entire world down. I try to...

Why does NWG have security?

Written By Bryan Flowers -  Night Wish Group / The Pattaya News / Pattaya Addicts Yesterday someone asked me why Night Wish Group has so many security guards and why we need them.  It was...

Phase 4 rules out Clubs and Pubs

Those of us who live here in Pattaya will already have heard the unsurprising bombshell announcement that rattled out via the broadsheets and internet newspapers yesterday. Yet again, the dangled carrot was cruelly replaced with...