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Information on Food Delivery services like LINE, Grab, Foodpanda and more located in and around Pattaya, Thailand.

Kaitod Laek – The Best Little Chicken Shack

Anyone who primarily gets their fried chicken from KFC or Texas Chicken should definitely give Kaitod Laek on Grab a go or stop in and see them if you are out having a few...

Surprise BBQ Was a Welcomed Surprise

Was pleasantly surprised when my Grab order arrived today.  The meal that they carried was one of the best I've had this year for sure.  Decided to try something new so I went for...

Hungry Now…quality true local food delivery in Pattaya

By: Adam Judd As the Coronavirus pandemic winds down in Thailand (but still very much an issue worldwide) I have had more time to return to what I love to do... freestyle writing about the...

LINE launches LINE Man delivery food in Pattaya

LINE launches LINE Man delivery food in Pattaya Pattaya – The Messaging service Line has started LINE Man application to deliver food in Pattaya this week and launched in style locally. The launch held at the Chocolate...

Food carts move into the digital age in Pattaya

By: Adam Judd I often see people posting on social media about where they can find great delivery and great food at all hours of the day in the Pattaya area. There are many western...

Grab Food is officially open in Pattaya, Discounts galore!

Pattaya- Grab Food is officially open in Pattaya and ready for business. They feature many choices of restaurants and menus with only a 29 baht flat delivery fee and no hidden service charges. For new users of...