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Interview With Phil Hall, Author of Pattaya 2020 and Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards

Pattaya Unplugged had the opportunity to get together for a little Q&A session with Author Phil Hall to discuss his books, Pattaya and the general state of affairs currently.  Phil's books can be found...

These Bars WILL BE OPEN Tomorrow!

The Following bars have responded to our post on Facebook and will for sure be open tomorrow, July 1st.  Opening times have been included for any that provided them in their response.  It seems,...

Visa Amnesty Ends July 31st, Then What?

The Thai government has started talks throughout the departments about the future of foreigners who decided to stay in Thailand and take advantage of the visa amnesty period which ends on July 31st. What...

Thailand Sterilizing Terrorist Monkeys in Lopburi

With no tourists around to provide them food, Thailand's macaque monkeys are causing issues throughout Lopburi city. Thailand is now in the process of sterilizing hundreds of the trouble causing monkeys. With the COVID-19 pandemic,...