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Your Ultimate Guide to all the local Bars, Nightclubs, discos, live music venues and hot spots for Night Life in Pattaya, Thailand.

Differ Pattaya re-opening this weekend with new Covid19 precautions

Pattaya- Differ Pattaya is to be re-opened this weekend for the first time in about four months after being closed for Covid-19 precautions with new safety measures and regulations.

Current NWG girls.

Today we have 18 girls at Sexy in the City 16 girls at Kawaii bar 15 girls at Toy box 11 at Avarice 21 ladies at Wrath 19 ladies at Exotica NWG currently have 9 bars open on soi 6 and...

NWG Current Hostesses

The town is quiet, sales are dwindling daily as more bars continue to open, but we shall press on! Thanks for all the support so far. Right now, we currently have the following bars open Soi...

These Bars WILL BE OPEN Tomorrow!

The Following bars have responded to our post on Facebook and will for sure be open tomorrow, July 1st.  Opening times have been included for any that provided them in their response.  It seems,...