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Your Ultimate Guide to all the local Bars, Nightclubs, discos, live music venues and hot spots for Night Life in Pattaya, Thailand.

These Bars WILL BE OPEN Tomorrow!

The Following bars have responded to our post on Facebook and will for sure be open tomorrow, July 1st.  Opening times have been included for any that provided them in their response.  It seems,...

Traits of failing miserable bar owners.

Reader Submission Constant moaning about the good old days was better Attacks successful bar owners Do not make any changes Negative about Pattaya in general Blames everyone they can for changes in demographics...

Why does NWG have security?

Written By Bryan Flowers -  Night Wish Group / The Pattaya News / Pattaya Addicts Yesterday someone asked me why Night Wish Group has so many security guards and why we need them.  It was...

Phase 4 rules out Clubs and Pubs

Those of us who live here in Pattaya will already have heard the unsurprising bombshell announcement that rattled out via the broadsheets and internet newspapers yesterday. Yet again, the dangled carrot was cruelly replaced with...