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The Ultimate reference for Tourists coming to Pattaya, Thailand with tips, tricks, newbie advice, culture guides and more! Great for expats too!

Thailand’s Stinkiest Fruit Could Charge Your Phone One Day!

Everyone who has been to Thailand knows exactly what Durian is. Not only does Thailand's king of fruits have a very distinct spiky body that looks like something straight out of an old torture...

Khao Khitchakut Pilgrimage 2020

Every year nearly a million people flock to Thailand's Khao Khitchakut National Park in Chanthaburi on a spiritual journey.  What is quite impressive about the number of visitors to the park, is that the...

No Plans to Cancel Songkran Festival

If you've never had the joy of experiencing at least one Thai New Year celebration, you are missing out.  Every year thousands of travellers flock to Thailand for the unique multi-day country-wide water festival...

5th International & Thai Martial Arts Festival

From the 8th to 16th of March 2020 Pattaya will be hosting the 5th International & Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival with The Glory Pattaya.  The event typically is held in Bangkok but...