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The Ultimate reference for Tourists coming to Pattaya, Thailand with tips, tricks, newbie advice, culture guides and more! Great for expats too!

angry hater

Low Status Single Males

Reader Submission. Why are there so many haters around?  They are not haters of anything particular in Pattaya, they just seem to hate everything about Pattaya including themselves. I can have a good time where ever...

Top Ten ways to get fired or not hired as a Bar Manager in...

Top Ten Reasons to get turned down or fired as a Bar Manager By: Adam Judd Preface: Adam Judd was a bar manager for the Night Wish Group for five years from 2014-2019. He still works for...

Photo Diary – Naklua Seafood Market

Yesterday I took a trip to the Naklua Seafood Market as it had been a while since my last visit.  If you have never made the short trek and are a fan of seafood,...

8 Common Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Pattaya is a great city, but it is also a tourist city. Unfortunately in many tourist destinations around the world, people have learned that you can swindle the uneducated and uninformed out of lots...