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The Ultimate reference for Tourists coming to Pattaya, Thailand with tips, tricks, newbie advice, culture guides and more! Great for expats too!

Advice on first moving to Thailand

Written By Bryan Flowers I have lived in Thailand close to 12 years, therefore I get people asking me for advice about moving to Pattaya or Thailand.  Around 3 years ago I posted an article...

GIANT Panorama of Pattaya City and the Bay

Have a surf around, zoom in.  The Panorama is composed of 17 photos stitched together from the point of the fishing pier prior to the coronavirus pandemic (Notice the Parasailers)      

After 4 Years, Tigers Return To Western Thailand

With no sightings for 4 years, footage from March of this year of Tigers in western Thailand is cause for celebration among conversationalists.   According to Dr. Saksit Simcharoe, Chief of the Wildlife Research Division...

Thailand Sterilizing Terrorist Monkeys in Lopburi

With no tourists around to provide them food, Thailand's macaque monkeys are causing issues throughout Lopburi city. Thailand is now in the process of sterilizing hundreds of the trouble causing monkeys. With the COVID-19 pandemic,...