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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Can You Survive in Thailand on 10-15k baht per month (Not including visa fees)

There are people who used to be in love with Thailand out there that have morphed into something ghastly. Generally, these people have failed at a business, had their heart trampled on by a...

Why Are There So Many Criminals/Fugitives In Pattaya?

Every country in the world has its fair share of criminals. That being said, every country in the world also has criminals that have decided to settle in Pattaya, but why here? ...

Is Pattaya a Good Option for an Indian Wedding?

One of our readers submitted the question "Is it hard to find places that offer traditional Indian style weddings in Pattaya?"  So we did some digging and there are actually more than a few...

Dual Pricing – Blatant Racism? Or Good Tourism Economics?

Out of all of the things that drive Expats in Thailand crazy, dual pricing probably takes the cake. This is where a vendor or attraction charges one price for Thais and a higher price...

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