January 31 to February 1 was supposed to be the dates for two large music festivals in Pattaya.  Unfortunately due to the unexpected outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus and its unpredictable nature at the moment, Legend Festival has decided to make the terribly hard decision of cancelling the show for the safety of their performers and fans.

Thailand Legend Festival has announced that a full refund will be offered and if certain conditions are satisfied, people could also be reimbursed for reimbursement of their airfare and hotel reservations as well.

Nobody knows exactly how the Wuhan coronavirus will spread in the coming weeks but several countries around the world, to include Thailand, have already seen sporadic cases popping up.  Legend Festival hopes to return at a later date once the virus is cured or the issue of infection is no longer a problem.

There has been no announcement to cancel the MAYA Festival as of yet, which was being held on the same days as Legend.  Pattaya Unplugged will keep you in the loop if there are any changes that we are made privy to.

The announcement was made via Legend Festivals Facebook page.
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