Cosplay Grand prix 2019 at Central Festival



About a week ago in Pattaya, the Cosplay Grand Prix took place at the Central Festival Shopping Mall on Beach Road in Pattaya.

This event, which gave several participants 5000 baht prizes for their costumes and performances, was well attended and featured many performers in elaborate homemade costumes and designs.

The event chose several finalists to be sent to further rounds of the competition. The final round is in Japan where the best cosplayers in the world compete for large monetary prizes.

For those not familiar, cosplay is not simply dressing up…

It requires truly being in the role of the character you are portraying. The character must be an actual character from an anime, comic or video game. The event includes live performances where they must act like the character.

Judges give points based on several different catagories.  Fans of cosplay take the hobby very seriously as large amounts of money are usually on the line for those who have the most elaborate performances and costumes.

The event also featured a live musical performance and several shows.

We had a good time, here are some pictures we took!

Credit: Unplugged Staff

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