Guest written by Peter Howard

This week, like many other Expats in Thailand recently, I was confronted with the possibility of having visa and immigration issues which would seriously put my life as it is in Thailand at risk. Some rules have indeed changed. These issues of mine have now been resolved.

However it made me think deeply about “what if” and what I would miss if I could no longer continue my life in Thailand as is, and what I could no longer live without to be honest. I had a few sleepless nights, emotionally paralyzed from thinking about what I would lose. There were so many things that came to mind that it sent my thoughts spiraling, a real cold fear came over me, pacing, it was like being hit on the head with a brick, doing my best not to enter into panic mode but to digest all these emotions and to then stay focused on what needs to be done, to resolve the issue at hand.

The list of things that I could no longer live without starts with my lifestyle here in Thailand, my good friends both Thai and not, and my “son” Lucky my dog and best friend, the good weather, my seaside house I could never afford back home, the beaches, my motorbikes, the amazing and affordable food, the flowers, the palm trees, the smells both good and bad, the real Thai culture, the beautiful people and yes the lovely ladies like nowhere in the world, the standard of living, the conveniences here, and 711, the markets, the nightlife, the Sabai Sabai way of life …and about 100 more reasons why I love and live in Thailand!

I sat on a log at the beach and stared out at the ocean, dark clouds moving in over my head to match the gloom I was still feeling from the night before. I could suddenly and albeit sadly relate to the “jumpers” in Pattaya we hear about here, ending their own lives at its personal peak or rock bottom, depending on how you look at it. For some there’s just no turning back and in that moment that was including me.

The sky cleared, the sun came out, I spoke and chatted with several professionals and my own lawyer, and alas, my head also cleared with the new information confirming that I need not worry as much as I have been. Perhaps this was all a test, to remember and appreciate again how great my life is here in Thailand compared to anywhere else as far as I have experienced. What if it was all taken away?

Where there is a will there is a way, there is a solution to every problem, and keep following the good path, not to be succumbed by fear and anxiety and take another less truthful and harmful way. I truly believe that.

Life in Thailand is not always easy for a foreigner, it can be a roller coaster ride at times, and its certainly NOT easy for most Thais, but the rewards far outweigh anything else still. It’s Amazing Thailand and always will be.
At least for me, now I’m sure 

AmazingThailand #Uptoyou


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