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angry hater

Low Status Single Males

Reader Submission. Why are there so many haters around?  They are not haters of anything particular in Pattaya, they just seem to hate everything about Pattaya including themselves. I can have a good time where ever...

Are You Ready For Chinese New Year 2020?

Chinese New Year is coming up, and while you may be thinking, "I'm in Thailand, why are we celebrating Chinese New Year?", Chinese Thais actually make up approximately 14% of the population (more than...

FEI Asian Championships for Equestrian events being held in Pattaya this week

PHOTO: PR Pattaya Pattaya –The horse Equestrian events announced as the ‘FEI Asian Championships’ is being held in Pattaya from December 1 – 8. The...

Health Massage In Thailand

Article by Kim Waddoup: Massage is a way of life in Thailand. Parents massage their kids to relieve growing and young muscle pains, children then help their parents by massaging their aches, additionally, it is...