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Pattaya Easing Out of Lockdown? Restaurants Re-Opening

As the number of new reported cases in Thailand drops to nearly zero (aside from a few imported cases), Pattaya seems to be starting to stir again.  Restaurants are opening and there are talks...

The Night Wish Group Cares – NDTVi

Local business's have been donating thousands of meals daily to the needy. Come along with Nick Dean from NDTVI Pattaya as he drops in to check on the Nightwish Group's operation. The Night Wish Group...

Coronavirus Hysteria Gives You More Bang for Your Baht

Curious if you should cancel your trip to Pattaya?  Wondering what the current situation is here on the ground?  Is the media overreacting about COVID19?  Nick Dean from NDTVi Pattaya discusses it all right...

What is The Night Wish Group?

We are long overdue a company (Night Wish Group) effort to raise donations for a local charity. Many of us donate privately and support various charities, we also support many charity events as a...