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The home of Video Blogs of NDTVI, Nick Dean, owner of the Assienda Bar in Pattaya, Thailand.

A look at Walking Street with Nick Dean…is it a long ways from “ready”...

A look at Walking Street as of late October 2021 with Nick Dean and NDTVi. As rumors of bars being allowed to open "soon" continue, they show you what Walking Street looks like currently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow0K2i4Gun8

NDTVI visits Barber B’s for a special haircut

Pattaya, Thailand-   Today, we have a humorous video with Nick Dean from NDTVI visiting Barber B's, who has become quite well known in the Pattaya area recently. We ran an article about her shop about...

Vblog: Five new bars waiting to open in the Soi Buakhao area

The following is a video blog from our friend and contributor Nick Dean with NDTVi. This week, he looks at five new bars that have been designed (or remodeled) during the current six-month closure of...

What the rainy season looks like in Pattaya during flooding

From NDTVi (Nick Dean) here is a great look at the rainy season in Pattaya and flooding. September and October tend to be the rainiest months of the year, be aware for potential tourists! ...

BARGAIN Koh Larn Resort and The PATTAYA King of Fish & Chips Friday is...

A look around Koh Larn and some great deals with NDTVi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBADTX35pKA

Pattaya Easing Out of Lockdown? Restaurants Re-Opening

As the number of new reported cases in Thailand drops to nearly zero (aside from a few imported cases), Pattaya seems to be starting to stir again.  Restaurants are opening and there are talks...

The Night Wish Group Cares – NDTVi

Local business's have been donating thousands of meals daily to the needy. Come along with Nick Dean from NDTVI Pattaya as he drops in to check on the Nightwish Group's operation. The Night Wish Group...

Coronavirus Hysteria Gives You More Bang for Your Baht

Curious if you should cancel your trip to Pattaya?  Wondering what the current situation is here on the ground?  Is the media overreacting about COVID19?  Nick Dean from NDTVi Pattaya discusses it all right...

NDtvi Pattaya Interviews Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton and Adam AJ Judd

NDtvi's Nick Dean got together for a little Q&A session with Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton at the Robin Hood Tavern.  In this video, he also gets together with Adam "AJ" Judd from The Pattaya...

Mini Series- Pattaya To Koh Sichang with NDTVi’s Nick Dean

Come along with NDTVi's Nick Dean on an exciting adventure to the beautiful island of Koh Sichang from Pattaya.  We will be bringing you each stage of the journey right here so stay tuned!