By: Adam Judd

This is the second part of our multi part series highlighting a number of phone apps, both free and premium, that are the editors picks for learning Thai. The first part can be found here:

Let’s get started. Today we focus on Memolicious, which is completely free.

Memolicious is primarily designed to teach one the basic consonants and vowels of the Thai Language. As there are a large amount of both, and extras like final consonants, it is great both to refresh and for beginners.

This is one of the first programs I used on my journey to learn Thai. I found the music soothing (you can turn it off though) and relaxing as I laid back and worked on memorizing letters.

It works in a game style, unlocking further levels once you have completed prior ones (you can unlock all at once though if you choose) and based on points in each lesson which are based on being correct and speed.

As the picture above shows it primarily gives you the letter and you select the sounds it represents from three options. You can change the fonts to several of the most popular fonts found in Thailand based on your learning level. The default print font is the one most will want to learn, I am currently working on newspaper and sign fonts which are different and can be tough for someone new to tell the difference.

The game uses a learning process where it recognizes your progress over time and adapts to it. It becomes a lot of fun to log in and see what you previously struggled on become easy. It recognizes the letters you always miss and tends to spend more time on them so that you learn.

It even offers personalized lessons to focus only on the letters you seem to miss. You can also select the Thai numbers.

The program is great for beginners and those looking to refresh and as it’s completely free is one of my personal favourite programs. It won’t truly teach you to read as it doesn’t do words or script in depth but what it will do is give you a foundation in a fun game format to expand on with other apps such as Mondly in my first article and several more future articles.

I give it a 8 out of 10.

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