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9 Veteran Tips to Surviving Caged Bird Syndrome

Reader Submission: This is a unique time in the world.  Many people have been quarantined and/or locked down for some time now and are starting to get antsy about being forced to stay indoors.  Unfortunately,...

Pray Away The Virus – International Gospel Music Festival

In spite of the overwhelming craziness taking place around the world and the massive cancellations in events worldwide, the 7th International Gospel Music Festival will be held at Central Festival from March 20th -...

Our McDonald’s Is Sexier Than Yours

If there is one thing that American companies understand, it is that sex sells. That being said, it isn't always easy to get too sexy with Americans these days. Americans are among the most...

(Reader Submission) COVID19 & Pattaya – It’s Not All Bad News

Disclaimer:  This is a reader submission. Opinions and beliefs reflected within this article are NOT those of Pattaya Unplugged and are based solely on the opinions and feelings of the Author. Everyone is freaking out...