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Visa Amnesty Ends July 31st, Then What?

The Thai government has started talks throughout the departments about the future of foreigners who decided to stay in Thailand and take advantage of the visa amnesty period which ends on July 31st. What...

A Dinner at Hungry Panda-Great Chinese Food in Pattaya

A Dinner at Hungry Panda-Great Chinese Food in Pattaya By: Adam Judd   It's the Covid-19 Coronavirus Crisis period still (although appears to be winding down) and I'd like to highlight the Hungry Panda restaurant, a new...

Opinion: Thailand Prepared For A Tourist-Less Summer

OPINION: As the talk of COVID-19 dies down around the world, many travellers suffering from "caged bird syndrome' are ready to fly again. It is still unknown for sure whether or not Thailand will be...

Opinion: Pattaya Will Bounce Back… Like a Kangaroo With No Legs

Reader Submission (Opinion)   I, like many others, read the opinion article from yesterday.  I understand that it is good to remain optimistic but there are too many other factors that come into play to just...