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Written By Bryan Flowers

According to Google, people ask these questions about Pattaya very often. I thought I would answer them to help newbies coming to Pattaya

What is Pattaya known for?

Pattaya is well known for over 1000+ bars, 100+ gogos, it has a reputation for Western males (and Asian) visiting to seek company from Thai women, mostly from the rural region. Many Thais associate Pattaya with ladyboys and gays, however many westerners see it as a town with mass prostitution.

How dangerous is Pattaya?

I wouldn’t agree that Pattaya is dangerous, I feel safer here than most towns in England.  Face to face robbery is very rare,  violence, vandalism, and aggressive drunks are very rare to find.  Most Thais are non-confrontational,  you really need to go looking for trouble to find it, just don’t lose people face in front of other Thais, and its a lot safer.  Walking street and many other tourist areas have volunteer foreign police strolling around, many places have their own security and there are eyes and ears everywhere.  Most issues in town are from other tourists, but it’s rare.

Is Pattaya Open for tourists?

Pattaya is always open for tourists, except for a covid lockdown which people could still get in with no issues.

What should I avoid in Pattaya?

The common warning from people is to avoid beach road 3-6 am if you are very drunk, because there are sometimes a few ladyboys around willing to pick someone’s pocket, if the mark is extremely drunk,  its not a common occurrence.

Avoid wearing gold around your neck, because there has been a few snatch and grabs over the years. They just try and pull it from your neck as they drive past quickly. It seems to happen very rarely but if you don’t wear thick gold on the outside, you will be ok.

Is Pattaya good for family?

I am a father of two and I have lived in Pattaya for 12 years, I am always finding new places for my children to go to. There are two huge water parks here, (Ramayana and  Cartoon Network Amazon) there are many shows, at least 5 farms, lots of places with children’s activities.  I would say it’s a great place to stay with your family.  However,  there are many sex tourists that will say that you shouldn’t bring children to Pattaya or have them raised in this town,  this is because they only see the bars daily and they do not know what East Pattaya is like and all of these attractions.

If you are staying in Pattaya with children, I recommend you do not get a hotel on walking street, soi 7, soi 8, soi 6, soi buakhao (this is my opinion as there are many bars around those sois) I recommend Jomtien, naklua, pratumnak area.

What does 555 mean in Thai?

The word 5 in Thai ห้า is pronounced HA, so HA HA HA is 555 = LOL (laugh out loud)

What is a lady drink in Pattaya?

A lady drink is a commission drink, when a customer buys a lady drink in a bar in Pattaya, the commission for the lady can be anywhere between 40-100 baht per drink. The lady drinks are normally higher prices than regular drinks without the commission. There are often arguments on Pattaya internet forums of what is expected for the drinks,  some guys expect more time from the girls, some guys expect some hands-on experience, but it depends on the bar and the girl.  Generally, it’s expected for the girl to sit with you until she finishes her drink.

Why Thailand is a dangerous place?

I do not think Thailand is a dangerous place, it can feel lawless at times with some police unwilling to help. The laws in Thailand are often draconic, so many people avoid trouble, also possibly due to Buddhism,  people are less violent and problematic with each other.

However due to a bad tsunami down south once, political unrest (coups) recent protests and the rare bomb,  it can look unsafe.  You would struggle to find a protest and be in it.

Is Pattaya safe for single female travel?

I would say Pattaya is very safe for female travellers, just use normal common sense. If I was a caution female coming to stay in Pattaya, I would stay at a decent hotel with security and I would use open baht buses instead of motorbike taxis.

Do US citizens need a visa for Thailand?

US citizens get 30-day visas on arrival like everyone else.  (non-covid times)

Is walking street open in Pattaya?

Walking street is still open, right now due to no flights coming in, only a third of the businesses are open, most of them are running at a loss.

How do I approach a girl in Thailand?

This depends on who you are and who the girl is.  Some foreigners think all Thai girls are available, however only a small portion of Thai girls (that’s still a huge amount) want a Westerner boyfriend, but many are open to talking. I would say the best way to approach normal girls, is to learn Thai and practise with them, they like that and it’s a good ice breaker.  But please do not approach working girls or non-working girls with “How much?”

What should I wear in Pattaya?

Thai girls like smart, clean looking guys,  many guys wear casual clothes because of the heat, my advice is shorts and t-shirt during the day, then go home at 6pm to get changed into something nicer (like shirt and trousers)  but its entirely acceptable to wear anything except a mankini.  Joking aside, Thais and even ex-pats, do not like seeing tourists around with no tops on, because Thais find that disrespectful and its gives us a bad image.  Thai people in Pattaya will be more forgiving of skimpy outfits, especially near the beach. If you are doing it in more formal areas,  someone will ask you to put your top on.  Many bars want customers to wear their tops. (it doesn’t look good)

Is Pattaya Beach open?

Pattaya beach was closed for covid for a very short period, it is back open and will stay open, there is constant work going on near the beach, city hall widened the road and put tons of sand on the beach to make a bigger beach.

When did Suvarnabhumi airport open?

The airport is open right now, but with covid related restrictions, there are limited flights, as of writing this article,  they are letting tourists apply for visas, but they need over 500,000 baht in the bank and 14-day quarantine on arrival.

Is Pattaya part of Bangkok?

Pattaya is around 2 hours away from central Bangkok, it is not part of Bangkok, but many Bangkokians visit Pattaya at weekends and long holidays.

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