Barber B’s barber shop with stylish staff turns heads in Pattaya, attracts many customers

Pattaya, Thailand-

  A newer barbershop located in Pattaya is turning many heads for its all-female staff, focused on, according to the owner, having stylish female hair-dressers while giving world-class haircuts at an inexpensive price.

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The shop, Barber B’s, is located on Soi Khao Noi near the Black Swan Bar and Soi Boon Sampan 9.

The owner, Ms. Kesinee Chansang, known by her nickname and shop namesake “B” spoke with the associated local press and our sister site The Pattaya News Thai earlier this week.

According to B, before Covid-19, she and her staff worked for a “regular company” that had to stop due to Covid-19 restrictions and measures and laid off most of their staff.

B stated to the press that she decided to return to school in early 2020 online and learn how to properly cut hair as she had always been interested in beauty. She successfully completed her schooling and with her savings purchased the shop earlier this year with a vision to provide great haircuts with attractive, fun staff and engaging social media.

Although Covid-19 requirements have occasionally caused the government to shut barbershops and hairdressers the salon has been open since early September and B stated that she and her staff are currently seeing forty customers a day, nearly all men, although they are able to give haircuts for children and women also.

Prices start at only 50 baht for young children and 100 baht for adults. Special haircuts and services like coloring are available also for an extra cost.

B told the press that she and her staff dressing “sexy” was not a gimmick and were how she and her staff had always preferred to dress, cutting hair with stylish outfits, high heels, and makeup. (Although they wear masks and follow all Covid-19 standards). She admitted, however, that the response from customers on their style was nearly universally positive and the business had grown from word of mouth.

Want to try for yourself? An appointment is suggested due to their increasing popularity and recent Thai media coverage.  You can reserve an appointment by calling 097 108 6110 or visiting them on Facebook HERE.

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