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Thursday, December 12, 2019
The Night Wish Group Pattaya

Reader Submission – Tips For Surviving The Long Flight To Thailand

Reader Submission Long Flights Suck Everyone who has been anywhere outside of their home country quickly falls in love with travelling.  Meeting new people, learning about new cultures and lifestyles, exotic flavours from abroad to tickle...

The 7 Biggest Generalizations Propagated in Pattaya and What Foreigners Should Be Saying Instead

Submitted by "The Pattaya Wolverine" The biggest talking points in life are always the ones where there is no universally accepted correct answer. You're not going to run into people ever vigorously debating over whether...

A Hip-Pocket Class on Turn Signals

Behold, The Turn Signal (Blinker) Believe it or not, on the inside of every car there is a magic lever that the vehicle manufacturers have put in place so that you can alert other drivers...

Okay Sponsors, What’s The Deal?

Reader Submission Its an all too common romantic tragedy.  Boy comes to Thailand and falls in love with Girl.  Boy and Girl have a great time together and talk about what the future holds for...

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