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27 tips to make sure you don’t get employed in a Pattaya bar

Reader Submission 1. Hang around with absolute bell ends and smoke ice 2. Argue with bar owners why you are the right person,  try and drink for 12 hours so you have enough balls to confront...

13 Tips To Run Your Bar Down To Barely Any Profits

Reader Submission Attack neighbouring business owners on social media or in-person to your customers Moan about Pattaya in general and let all that negativity out online and with customers Don't post any pictures of...

Surprise BBQ Was a Welcomed Surprise

Was pleasantly surprised when my Grab order arrived today.  The meal that they carried was one of the best I've had this year for sure.  Decided to try something new so I went for...

What Happens When You Put Your GoPro Into The Squirrel Feeder?

One of our readers decided to hit up Pratumnak hill's nature hiking/running trails and see what would happen if they put their GoPro camera into the squirrel feeding basket.  The result, 5-minutes of squirrel...