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9 Veteran Tips to Surviving Caged Bird Syndrome

Reader Submission: This is a unique time in the world.  Many people have been quarantined and/or locked down for some time now and are starting to get antsy about being forced to stay indoors.  Unfortunately,...

Social Distancing is NOT Lockdown or Quarantine!!!

Reader Submission It seems like a lot of people in Pattaya don't grasp the "social distancing" concept; That goes for the whiners online who are complaining that people aren't staying locked in their houses and...

Coronavirus – A Wake-Up Call To Humanity

Reader Submission: The coronavirus has successfully made it to every continent in the world (except maybe Antarctica).  As you are reading this, you are probably on some type of lockdown, mandatory stay-at-home orders or in...

7- Reasons I Decided To Ride Out The Coronavirus In Thailand

All around the world people are cancelling their travel plans based on the media's hugely blown out of proportion reports.  Everyone is afraid to go anywhere when really that makes no sense whatsoever.  Here...