Central Pattaya and Central Marina prep for 2023 New Year countdown with massive concerts

Pattaya —

The Central Pattaya and Central Marina shopping malls are inviting everyone to go enjoy the 2023 New Year countdown at their grounds in December, with two marvelous, massive concerts packed with a truckload of famous singers.

The first concert will run for the entire month of December at Central Pattaya, featuring 12 renowned Thai singers and bands in pop, rock, country, and indie genres.

The lineup is as follows:

  • Dec 1st – POLYCAT
  • Dec 8th – Silly Fools
  • Dec 16th – Greasy Café
  • Dec 23th – Lazyloxy & Samblack
  • Dec 24th – INDIGO
  • Dec 25th – Lamyai Haithongkhum
  • Dec 26th – J Jetrin
  • Dec 27th – Taitosmith
  • Dec 28th – Mocca Garden & Kwanjai Group
  • Dec 29th – Wanyai x Mon monik
  • Dec 30th – Boy Peacemaker
  • Dec 31th – Dax Rock Rider

The event will last from December 1st to January 15th, 2023, with street food markets and firework shows. Starting at 17:00 hrs, the concerts can be found on the G floor, Central Pattaya. Reserve your seat at เม้าท์เซ่ Mouth-se Pattaya or dial 096-5677531, 081-9456949.

PHOTO: Central Marina
Last but not least, the Central Marina mall also holds a countdown event for the 2023 New Year, with a big concert, lasting for four days.
The lineup is as follows:
  • Nov 24th – The Toys
  • Dec 15th – Mean
  • Dec 24th – Paradox
  • Dec 31st – Joey Phuwasit
The concerts and other activities will last from December 22nd to January 3rd, 2023, at Central Marina on the first floor. Book your seat เม้าท์เซ่ Mouth-se Pattaya or dial 096-5677531, 081-9456949. Don’t let them wait!
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