According to the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Thailand is already over the worst of COVID-19 and may be back in business before the rest of the world.

In fact, according to their Data, it is possible that Thailand are looking at a potential eradication of the virus as early as June 11th.

The likes of the UK and USA are months behind, if these suggested figures are accurate.

One has to wonder, considering the fact that Thailand is still considered to be a ‘developing’ country, how can this be happening?

Certainly, the health systems in place in both the UK and USA have always been considered to be among the best in the world. Whereas Thailand’s hospitals and medical infrastructure are typically seen as less than ideal.

So why does Thailand appear to be ahead when it comes to dealing with this pandemic?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Thailand has always been quick to adhere to social distancing and wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). If you think back to when SARS was doing the rounds, all over the world, back in 2003, Asian countries were quick to don masks and rubber gloves. In fact, many Western nations sniggered at the sight of this when encountering Asians at airports and shopping malls. Westerners do seem to be a little reticent to follow suit.
  2. It has been suggested by scientists that COVID-19 is less likely to spread in warmer climates. This may be the case as it really started to do it’s thing as early as January this year, although lock down, PPE and other measures were not followed in Europe and USA until as late as March. Those countries were still in the chilly throes of Winter and are still not seeing average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Here in Thailand, well, just take a step outside ( bearing in mind social distancing) and you’ll soon get the point.
  3. It’s a fact that contagious viruses spread more aggressively indoors. Just picture the scene in an everyday European or American family household: we love staying indoors and watching whatever is on the gogglebox. It’s an absolute fact! Even in the summer time, we’re there checking out the latest Netflix Box Set. Here in the Land of Smiles? Well, just check out the outdoor activities and you’ll see people eating, walking, laughing, just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful climate. Alright, that may not be the case at this exact minute, but just maybe that is how this hideous virus got its foothold in the first place. By being passed on from person to person in confined spaces, just like hospitals.

To be honest, these reasons are opinions based on a number of facts but not 100% proven. But one thing is for sure, if the Singapore University of Technology are on the money, we are all going to be rethinking the way that Thailand has combated COVID-19 compared to the Western World.  

Last thought – once Pattaya is back to normal, what is the first thing that you want to do? 

Other Articles By Phil Hall:Phil Hall is the author of Pattaya 2020 and From Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards

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