The Night Wish Group Pattaya

Phase 4 rules out Clubs and Pubs

Those of us who live here in Pattaya will already have heard the unsurprising bombshell announcement that rattled out via the broadsheets and internet newspapers yesterday. Yet again, the dangled carrot was cruelly replaced with...

There’s no Fool like a Fool in love (in Thailand)

According to various reports, an Austrian man has recently learned the hard way not to trust his heart in matters of love. The disabled man, referred only to as G.P, believed that he had...

Oops, They Did It Again – A Return To Normality?

According to whatever source you find the most credible, Thailand and Pattaya are soon to kick the current COVID-19 lockdown into touch and are due to bring back a new version of normal to...

If not Pattaya, then where?

Pattaya Unplugged’s recent blog post regarding the possibility of our favourite town/city starting over with charging cover and adopting the Western style of nightclubs and bars certainly ruffled plenty of feathers. In fact, the general...