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Pattaya businesses will sink if Foreigners don’t return – No Sh** Sherlock!

Quite possibly one of the most obvious statements of 2020 here in Pattaya because even Stevie Wonder saw this coming. The owners of businesses here in Pattaya are starting to become very concerned as...

Thai borders not to open for tourism until 2021?

Thai borders to open for tourists in 2021??   For those of us who were hopeful of a return to Thailand sometime later this year, the latest news from the Tourism Authority of Thailand is very...

Phase 4 rules out Clubs and Pubs

Those of us who live here in Pattaya will already have heard the unsurprising bombshell announcement that rattled out via the broadsheets and internet newspapers yesterday. Yet again, the dangled carrot was cruelly replaced with...

There’s no Fool like a Fool in love (in Thailand)

According to various reports, an Austrian man has recently learned the hard way not to trust his heart in matters of love. The disabled man, referred only to as G.P, believed that he had...