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Oops, They Did It Again – A Return To Normality?

According to whatever source you find the most credible, Thailand and Pattaya are soon to kick the current COVID-19 lockdown into touch and are due to bring back a new version of normal to...

If not Pattaya, then where?

Pattaya Unplugged’s recent blog post regarding the possibility of our favourite town/city starting over with charging cover and adopting the Western style of nightclubs and bars certainly ruffled plenty of feathers. In fact, the general...

Patient Ejected from Ambulance – Is Thailand back to normal already?

OPINION: Amidst the myriad of news stories covering COVID-19, a somewhat more familiar headline is doing the rounds today. According to sources, an Ambulance in Bangkok was speeding towards hospital when the back doors suddenly...

Alcohol Prohibition To Be Lifted, At Least For Now!

Drinkers rejoiced when it was announced that Thailand would now be lifting the booze ban for the entire Kingdom. According to Deputy Prime Minister Visanu Krue-ngam, from Sunday 3rd May, it will again be...