A Brief History of Koh Larn in Pattaya

  The history of Koh Larn in Pattaya dates back to the Ayutthaya period in Thailand when the island was used by fishermen and sailors as a stopover point on their journeys between Siam (present-day Thailand) and China. The island was also used as a hideout by pirates, who found the island’s remote location and natural harbor ideal for their operations.

During the reign of King Rama V in the late 19th century, the Thai government began to develop Koh Larn as a strategic location for the country’s navy. The island was used as a base for the navy, and a small settlement was established on the island to support the navy personnel stationed there.

In the early 20th century, Koh Larn became a popular destination for wealthy Thais, who built summer houses on the island. However, the island remained largely unknown to foreign tourists until the 1960s, when Pattaya began to develop as a popular tourist destination.

As Pattaya grew in popularity, so did Koh Larn. The island became a popular day trip destination for tourists looking to escape the crowds of Pattaya and relax on its sandy beaches. Over the years, Koh Larn has become a well-established tourist destination, offering a range of activities and amenities for visitors.

Despite the development of the island, Koh Larn has managed to retain its natural beauty, and efforts are being made to preserve the island’s ecosystem and protect its coral reefs. Today, Koh Larn remains a popular destination for tourists visiting Pattaya, and its beaches and crystal-clear waters continue to attract visitors from all over the world.

Adam Judd
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