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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Good Things to Know Before Visiting a Buddhist Temple

If you are coming to Thailand to visit the amazing temples and monasteries that you see on the television. There are some things that the documentaries don’t always mention. There are various ways to...

Having Fun Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Spending Money

Reader Submission. Submit your own a [email protected] Walking around Pattaya you constantly find yourself surrounded by advertisements for activities here. These activities range in prices from “couch cushion” to “let me get my phone and...

Pattaya Vegetarian Festival begins

Pattaya – Pattaya City Law Enforcement officers are urging motorists to avoid roads that will be closed to traffic this week while street processions are held for the Pattaya Vegetarian Festival.

What is Buddhist Lent? A quick guide.

This blog was originally written on the start of Buddhist Lent 2019, July 17th, 2019, with some references from Culturetrip.com Every Mid Summer in Thailand, usually July, is the start of Buddhist Lent, or Vassa....

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