Freshwater fishing holes in Pattaya are harder to come by than saltwater.  The issue with freshwater fishing is just because you see a lake, does not mean that you can actually fish in it.  Many lakes and small ponds in the area are privately owned and you would need to go through the steps to get permission before just walking away with someone else’s fish.

That being said, there are still quite a few little places that you can go without being bothered.  Here are three of my favourite little freshwater fishing holes in Pattaya.

#1 Small Pond Thepprasit Road Soi 9:  As you turn onto Soi 9 from Thepprasit Road, you will want to continue on the road through Pattaya Kart Speedway.  As you come out the backside of the speedway through a little stand of trees there will be a small pond on your right-hand side.  The pond does not have an official name that anyone I’ve asked is aware of.  This is generally a quiet fishing hole.  Other fishermen may stop by to see if you have been lucky or not, but generally nobody will bother you.  Google Map Coordinates: 12.902560, 100.882696

#2 Small Lake Thepprasit Soi 15:  As you begin to drive down Soi 15 from Thepprasit main road, you will want to continue on straight until a big lake comes up on your right-hand side.  Turn right on the small street following the lake and follow it down until you come to a smaller lake on your left-hand side.  You will more than likely find at least one or two other regular friendly fishermen in the area.  This small lake does not offer much by way of shade however so a hat or umbrella should be planned for.  Google Map Coordinates: 12.900336, 100.888641

#3 Lake Mabprachan:  This is the largest reservoir for drinking water in the general Pattaya area.  It is located on “the dark side” or East Pattaya and will require you to have transportation of some sorts to reach it.  The bait that most people find successful is a similar bread mixture to the baits used at many of the fishing parks (covered in Part 4 of Fishing in Pattaya).  The mixture is held in bait cages on the line and generally has 2 to 3 trailing hooks that come off of the cage (you can find these hooks and mixtures at the fishing stores we covered in Part 1 of the series.  Being that this reservoir is for drinking water, no boats are allowed on the water.  Google Map Coordinates: 12.936164, 100.963672

Keep in mind, these are only the freshwater locations that are easy to get to from Central Pattaya.  There are obviously thousands of spots that you could choose from that are farther away than these selections.  I have personally pulled fish out of each of these holes successfully and they are my go-to places when I am bored and want to get a bobber in the water.

Here are some of the freshwater fish that you could potentially hook into with their common Thai names.  You may know them as something different:

In the next part of Fishing in Pattaya, we will discuss the different fishing park options available in the area.  Fishing parks are great for people who want to be guaranteed to be able to catch ridiculously large fish that put up a long hard fight.



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