Get yourself in optimal health right here in Pattaya with the Wellthyme Wellness Center ! ! !

Pattaya is a city known worldwide for its hospitality, tourism, partying, events, and entertainment industry, and as a result, many tourists and ex-pats might sometimes find themselves in less than optimal health.

  Many of us have likely been here before-drained, tired, feeling we aren’t looking or feeling our best but wanting to put our best foot forward while in Pattaya.

  Well, we have a solution for you!

  The Wellthyme Wellness Center, headed by Thanathip Suntara, M.D., is a brand new venue located on South Pattaya Road not far from TukCom IT mall and across from Friendship supermarket. They speak excellent English and are particularly focused on ex-pats and foreign tourists.

They just opened three months ago as of September 11th, 2022, and are still introducing themselves to the community.

  They offer a variety of services, including but not limited to:

  -Hormone replacement therapy

  -Testosterone replacement therapy

  -Weight management

  -Growth hormones

  -PrEP for HIV

  -General disease and health checkup

  -Vitamin drips perfect for those big nights out

  -Lab testing for blood/urine/STDs

  -Stem cell therapy

  -Medical Cannabis


  -And more!

  They are open Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00 AM. – 6.00 PM for walk-in or they can contact you by filling out the form below! More contacts are below the form.

    Other contacts:

    Tel: 065-6705999

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Skype: 065-6705999






    Get into Wellthyme today and show off your best self!

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