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Pattaya holds Miss International Queen 2020, one of the world’s largest transgender beauty contests,...

Pattaya On March 8th, 2020 Tiffany's Show Theater in Pattaya held the Miss International Queen Beauty Contest, one of the world's biggest and grandest transgender beauty contests. 25 year old Transentina Fluchaire from Mexico won the...

Pattaya Holds annual PRIDE parade for LGBTIQ community

Pattaya- Noticed traffic on second and Beach Road was slower than usual on Saturday afternoon around 5:00 PM on February 15? This is because Pattaya held it's annual PRIDE parade in conjunction with Central Festival and...

Central Festival holds PRIDE LGBTIQ festival this weekend in Pattaya

Pattaya- This weekend, February 14 to the 16 at Central Festival Pattaya Beach thousands of members of the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Intersex and Queer) community will gather in Pattaya to show PRIDE. Pattaya has...

What is the current and future status of Vaping in Thailand?

Original Article from November 2018, courtesy The Pattaya News Thailand- The confusion appears to reign this week as what appeared to be two conflicting statements were issued from the Excise Department of Thailand and the Thai Government....